Sunday, April 20, 2014

Growing Bamboo on Gardening Australia

I do not have much information myself on growing bamboo - though I do have some growing in my home, and was very interested to hear the ABC program Gardening Australia today, and a segment on growing bamboo with presener Josh Byrne in Western Australia.

There are many growers of bamboo in Western Australia and the story featured is about one near Albany, on the south coast.

You can watch the program and read the fact sheet here.  I note he speaks of four Australian native bamboos but most of the material I have read gives different numbers.  This article written in 2007 talks about 3 native species which grow in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

This article also talks about 3 native species.

I recall when visiting Geikie Gorge in Western Australia last year that the indigenous guide who took us on the dusk tour through the amazing gorge and he told us that the "bamboo" in the photograph below was a native bamboo.  I have been told by bamboo people, that it is not a bamboo, but a grass.

Is this a native bamboo?

View of Geike Gorge with "bamboo" beside the rock face.

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